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A great idea – a long journey

It started in 2000 with my husband's idea to bring the healthy sea climate to children with respiratory diseases. After identifying the three components of the healthy sea climate, we found the room inhalation solution, which allowed the air to be inhaled naturally without a mask. My husband became seriously ill and died shortly after. I was alone with two young children and a wonderful idea - it needed to be launched and so I rolled up my sleeves.

Initially, we focused exclusively on the use of our SeaClimate in the human sector and have been able to build up a significant customer base in this area over the years due to our excellent product and our understanding of service.

In 2016, we expanded into the equine world after seeing the great impact of our technology especially on horses used by professional athletes in competition. We can now also list numerous top athletes in equestrian sports and well-known clinics and riding stable owners as our satisfied customers.

From the vision to market leader

Our goal since 2003 has been to use our own sophisticated technology to alleviate the often incredible suffering of humans and animals caused by the increasing impairment of the respiratory tract and skin, to support recovery, make a significant contribution to well-being and regaining performance. 

We are now one of the European market leaders in the development, manufacture and sale of technology for brine and oxygen applications in the wellness field. Right from the start, OxygenConcept, with its SeaClimate brand, has stood for innovative technology that is easy to use and very effective.

Visionary product design in the field of respiratory air and constant further development characterise OxygenConcept’s history, where we have provided and continue to provide the highest quality and hygiene standards, competence and service.

Your well-being is important to us!

What our


    Our customers often tell us that anyone who has tried SeaClimate once will want to experience this feeling of well-being again and again. Allergy sufferers, skin and respiratory problems, exhaustion and tiredness will improve significantly. Our customers are enthusiastic and, they often tell us, after 15 minutes in the SeaClimate, they feel as if they have had a 2-hour walk by the sea. OxygenConcept’s support and personal contact is very good. We must also encourage other operators to expand their spa services for their visitors with this SeaClimate cabin.

    - Christian Kunz I AQUARIUSH LEISURE POOL -

    We have been using the ultrasonic nebuliser at home for over a year now. It is very easy to set up, no complicated technology and we even used it as a temporary "shower tent" for our son. He had major respiratory problems, for almost a whole year. All the problems have vanished now that we regularly inhale brine. Last winter, he wasn’t ill once. Thank you very very much! Great for kids, due to the “dry mist”! Also great relaxation for us as parents – it takes care of our skin and we get in the brine as soon as we feel a cold coming on. We can 100% recommend it.

    - Sylke Schmidt -

    I have had asthma for 4 years now. 2 years ago I found out that brine mist in a salt chamber is very good for me. But since the chamber was 40km away from where we live, my husband decided to build one in the basement for us.
    We bought the brine nebulisation device from OxygenConcept GmbH. We received very good advice from them and felt really well looked after. I've been using the chamber regularly for 6 weeks now and since then the pressure on my chest has eased and my coughing is better and I can sleep better at night because the coughing doesn't bother me as much.

    - Lenz family -


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