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With the OXYGEN room inhalation concept, it is possible to bring the 3 building blocks of the bracing climate at the Dead Sea (brine - oxygen - ionisation) into your immediate environment in such a way that you can use the full healing power of these elements for your health and well-being.

In contrast to conventional inhalation techniques, the high-quality brine in our room inhalation is not only absorbed through the respiratory tract. Atomisation of the entire room also enables the body to absorb the minerals and trace elements through the skin, the largest human organ, which greatly increases the effect.

SeaClimate technology can be used to enrich private rooms, such as bedrooms or studies, and wellness areas with negative ions, which can improve the body’s energy levels, vitality, ability to concentrate and general well-being, accelerating the body's regeneration after illness, physical exertion or mental stress.

Sea climate in any size

Whether privately in a tiny sauna cabin or an adapted side room, in the very grand style of a spa retreat in a thermal spa or wellness hotel, as an oasis of regeneration in the fitness studio or a place to take a deep breath in a health facility - you can integrate SeaClimate technology anywhere.

Give your guests, customers, members or patients the opportunity to enjoy the healing power of the Dead Sea any time or treat yourself to this island retreat at home for your health.

The SeaClimate technology

  • is perfect for long-term use
  • is easy to use and maintain
  • is cost-efficient and completely natural
  • fulfils the maximum hygiene standards
  • can be easily integrated into any existing room concept

Sebastian Kneipp recognised a long time ago that "Health begins when awareness of your own body changes.” With the SeaClimate sea freshness, we provide you with sophisticated technology to help you do just that.

A fresh breeze for your room ...!

We are the pioneers of room inhalation!

Find out more about our technology. We’re happy you’re interested in our products!


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