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Are you often tired and stressed? Do your eyes burn? Does your head thump? Do you often get ill? You sleep poorly and quite frankly, your skin used to look more radiant... 

We spend too much time indoors and environmental impacts are also increasing. Allergies and respiratory problems are so prevalent for a reason.

Oh, but how different all that is after a holiday by the sea! A couple of days at the coast: the wind, the roar of the waves, the salty taste on your lips, long walks and, boom, your energy returns! We feel like we are born again and our metabolism and immune system are revitalised. In addition, the skin’s circulation improves and you look rosy and radiant.

Sadly, this doesn’t last. Imagine being able to take the coast home with you - our OXYGEN SeaClimate technology allows you to do just that!

We optimise nature and create a highly effective, bracing climate indoors with concentrated oxygen, air-purifying negative ions and a specially enriched, velvety nebulised Dead Sea salt brine.

There’s space for this little oasis in any home!

Our SeaClimate technology can be integrated into any room – no matter how small your home.

You don't need your own spa to enjoy our sea climate, there is another way - very simple and inexpensive. We have the ideal solution for you too, so that you can benefit from the healing sea climate in your own home - available at all times, easy to use and highly effective. Simple for relaxation and prevention!

Feel invigorated!

We are always happy to help!

What our

  • Significant life improvement through SeaClimate

    Our son was born with a congenital left-side diaphragmatic hernia. He has pronounced bilateral lung hypoplasia, meaning his lung function is restricted and he often suffers from respiratory infections with heavy congestion in the bronchi and obstruction. We tested SeaClimate for the first time in a thermal spa. It gave our son noticeable relief and we were able to gradually discontinue his inhalation therapy with corticosteroids and bronchospasmolytics. After 2 months, his health continued to improve - without the use of medication. We now have our own SeaClimate and our son uses it daily. For this reason, we strongly recommend that people with similar problems should also try out SeaClimate.

    - Claudia & Günter Ruf -

    I’ve been suffering from psoriasis vulgaris for about 10 years. Over the course of a few years, the disease spread increasingly, with large, partly confluent, extremely scaly eczema on my forearms, thighs and lower legs, buttocks and back. Over the years I have tried many treatments involving all manner of things – all without any significant success. After 7 weeks of treatment with SeaClimate's brine-oxygen inhalation (approx. 4x per week), the disease was significantly alleviated and, in many previously heavily affected areas, my skin is almost completely free of symptoms! ... Perhaps other psoriasis sufferers might benefit from the same experience.

    - Dr. med. Th. Krüer -

    After we tested the SeaClimate, we decided to buy one. For me and my children, the cabin has really become a blessing; it means relaxation and recharging our batteries. It is our oasis of well-being and health. Daily use of the cabin has made both children more productive and less prone to illness. Colds, which otherwise put them out of action for a few days, now subside in a short time without a temperature or exhaustion. While my son has always been very badly affected by snoring in the past, he now not only looks alert and well rested in the morning - he actually is!

    - The K. family from Wolfenbüttel -


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